About LMS

About LMS

The Learning Management System (LMS) has been developed specifically for Traders and Investors. We invite you to enjoy a new learning experience as we journey through this online training.  Our focus is on teaching you the basics of day trading, to get you prepared to trade.  

The LMS is an important part of our training education process and equally important for advanced traders who want to test new strategies without losing money.

We provide you with the training, tools and strategies to guide you towards your trading success.

  • Learn how to trade including the Pro’s tips and tricks with our training course. 
  • Start trading with our demo account and qualify for a live trading account.
  • Flexibility of entering trade at your choice and time.
  • Watch your account grow with our training.
  • Your route to earning a passive income.

Through awareness, education and ongoing support we aim to empower users, communities, business ventures and enterprises while enabling innovation, emerging tech, digital assets and the enterprise blockchain ecosystem as a whole.